Cha Xin - The Three Highs

Cha Xin - The Three Highs


What’s the Three Highs? 

High Blood Pressure: Growth on both hand and legs, urination difficulty, pale color, sensitive itchy skin, poor vision

High Cholesterol: Tightness and pain in chest area, high risk of heart disease and stroke, hemiplegic disease, numbness  in hands and feet, poor blood circulation, dark spots in eyes, blurred vision, urination inaccuracy

High Blood Sugar (Diabetes): Fatigue, Sleepy, Leg cramps, Yellowish rash on eyes and face, easily forget things, slower reaction ability, weight lose dificulity

Packet of 10

Ingredients: Green penny willow, corn silk, mulberry leaves, bitter gourd, burdock root, cassia seed, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, licorice

Storage Duration: 12 months

Storage Condition: Cool and dry places, away from direct sunlight, keep in our storage bag to retain freshness.

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