Baby Breath - Colours and meaning

Many knows Baby Breath as a flower usually seen in a bouquet. But at K. Flower, we love them on their own! 

While colours are just colours, colours also helps to express the emotions that you are sending to your receiver. 

So, apart from sending your receiver the colours they love (which you may or may not know) have you been sending the correct message thru the flowers you have selected? 

Purity &  innocence 
Honesty, Trust , Respect or Baby Boy shower!
Color of Autumn. Happiness & Joy
Love, affection & Romance
Forever, or Baby girl shower! 
Nobility ,beauty, elegance
Least commonly seen color. Companionship.

Last but not least, this is a common understanding as many have towards colors. It may seem to be the same across almost every flowers, but don't be too tied by what we say!
Most importantly, you know what your receiver likes best.