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Bouquet Of The Week - BOTW

Our Weekly bundle are created specially for you. Affordable and presentable. Each week, we will select a certain flowers to be on an affordable price just for you!These flowers are guarantee to be fresh and long lasting, they are on an affordable price because we want to make gifting affordable!As such, customization will be charged accordingly. Click here to view the Bouquet of the week -> Weekly Picks

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K. Flower x Singapore Armed Forces Day

In exactly one month time, it will be Singapore Armed Forces Day!! This occasion is celebrated whereby many retail outlets will offer different type of promotions to Army personal.  At K. Flower, we have Army personal with us as well! As such, to commemorate their effort and dedication. We are giving out 2 set of promo codes + Free Petals Coins for Army personnel to use. To enjoy the promo codes & Petal Coins, they will be automatically sent to your registered email which you have with us. If you have an account with us, do let us know which National Service...

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K. Flower x Mothers' Day

Many might not know this, but the suitable flower for Mothers' Day is Carnation.  Why Carnations you might ask? According to tradition, the official Mother’s Day arose in the 1900s, made by the effort of Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis. After her mother's death, Anna wanted to honor the sacrifices all mothers made for their children. And Anna Jarvis's mother favorite flower was Carnations. Join us to celebrate Mothers' Day by choosing a flower that you like for your mother. On top of the promotion and Petal Coins earn, we will be giving out free Petal Coins for every...

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K. Flower x Petal Coins

Petal Coins

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K. Flower x Life Size Bouquet (Stunner)

GIANT Bouquet

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