How badly have you messed up?

As saying goes “Communication is key”, and as such communication between couples are the one that usually turns into a fight and before we know it, it’s our fault. 

Before you start searching in google for things like “what can I do to make up to my girlfriend” or “apology flower”, always remember that we are here to help, not burn a hole in it. 

So, how badly have you messed up? Before you ask yourself this, always ask “what does she like?” 

Because this is the only way you can undo everything. Everything that we offer here at K.Flower is suitable for every and any occasion, which means that all you have to do is choose which one best represents YOU & send it to her (with or without customisation) 
Commonly for apology flower there are a few that shouldn’t go wrong: 
- Roses 
- Sunflower 
- Hydrangea 
Don’t be silly, simply get what she likes and double it. The key point is to make sure she likes what you send her. 

Our most popular collection are Fresh Flowers & Snack Bouquets. And we have added in gifts sets as well! Anything that you can/cannot find we can custom to fit your needs. 

Looking for Apology / I am Sorry Flowers but can’t find any to your liking? Simply chat with us to customise ✨