K. Flower x Petal Coins

Welcome to K. Flower! 

As the header shows, this content is about our Petal Coins! 

So, what is Petal Coins? Is the same as "Stars" from Starbucks or Innisfree! You can earn & spend them! 

But first, you gotta have an account with us. Otherwise we are unable to track (give free) your Petal Coins.

There is two ways to create an account with us: 

  • Log in or Create Account (Top Right Corner) 
  • Rewards -> Join Now (Bottom Left Corner Shopping Bag)

After creating an account, you can choose to "earn" first or "spend" if you have. 
There's different methods to earn & spend, as you know. 

Remember, during your account sign up provide us with more information about yourself! 

Why do we ask for those? Because from time to time, we give out free Petal Coins to our loyalties. (Yeah to free money!) As such, the more information you give us, the higher chance you get to receive free Petal Coins!