Types of Valentines' Day

Is 14th February the only Valentines' Day that you know apart from your important dates? Let us widen your knowledge so that you will never miss out on any dates!

1) Febuary 14th - Saint Valentines' Day 

An occasion commonly know for couples to celebrate with flowers, gifts and a meal together to celebrate this day. 

Color Celebrated: Red
Flower used: Rose

2) March 14th - White Valentines Day 

Originated in Japan, also known as "Answer Day".
This day came about because during Feb 14th, the ladies will confess their love to the mens with chocolates. After-which, if the men will have to give an answer to their confessor on March 14th. 

Color Celebrated: White, Silver, Platinum 
Flower Used: Rose or Baby Breath 


3) August 14th - Qi Xi Festival 

Also known as Qiqiao Festival. A Chinese festival celebrating the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in mythology which falls on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. 
Flower Used: Sunflower


4) Nov 11th - 11.11 Pepero Day
Celebrated in South Korea by gifting or exchanging Peperos! 
Pepero is a chocolate covered cookie stick that is slim and long which looking like the letter "I" and number "1". Hence that's why 11.11 is South Korea's unofficial Pepero Day that is celebrate by friends and couples. 
Snack Used: Pepero Chocolates!